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Are you an artist or creative community member that wants to see our concept manifest? We need your help by showing your support for our mission, our community and our values to gain financing. If you intend to utilize our space, become a member, attend our events, or take our workshops, please consider endorsing our organization. The more people that show their support, the more likely we are to receive our funding. Please fill out the form below, including your interest or position in the comments, and do your part in helping us #keeptahoeconscious!

Who We Are

We are a collective of artists, makers, and creatives banding together to provide South Shore with an all-encompassing platform for local arts, music, idea sharing, and inspiration. 

What We Do

We aim to create a more connected regional network of creative people to amplify the community's voice, acknowledge our diversity of culture, and provide an outlet for local artists to create, sell, and show their work. We will have shared and private artist studio spaces, a retail art supply shop, gallery, music & events space, and after the first year, a full commercial kitchen. The possibilities are endless.

Why We Need YOU

A connected creative community starts with you! By endorsing our organization, you are declaring your support for our mission and acknowledging that the needs of this community are not currently being met. By standing in solidarity with us, you are saying that this cause is important and that you would like to see a space that is inclusive, creative, and community oriented. You want the great diversity that is already present here, actually represented. You want to participate in a movement that is both positive and empowering to our community that will bring it into the current century. You want to help intentionally create the South Shore you want to see!


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For those tired of complacency; brave enough to forge their own path // Who never settle; are driven and adaptable // Who challenge personal and societal boundaries; following their fire // Who act with intention, and lift others up in the process //
This is for you.


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