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We need your help by showing your support for our mission, our community and our values to gain financing. If you intend to utilize our space, become a member, attend our events, or take our workshops, please consider endorsing our organization. The more people that show their support, the more likely we are to receive our funding.

Please visit to show your support and be entered to win a prize pack of a hoodie, stickers, patch, and a free Community Membership for 1 year. We are hoping for 1000 local endorsements by 3/9/2017

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March 03, 2017 at 6pm - March 10, 2017

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For those tired of complacency; brave enough to forge their own path // Who never settle; are driven and adaptable // Who challenge personal and societal boundaries; following their fire // Who act with intention, and lift others up in the process //
This is for you.


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