Prospective Member Survey

Hello potential member, 

Want to be a part of an inspired community of artists and makers where you can sell, create, and grow in your craft? High Vibe Society is a budding artist cooperative based out of South Lake Tahoe offering both a retail space as well as studio space and workshops! Our unique anatomy puts members in control of their own future in terms of growth as both an artist and a business. Our community is distinctive in that all of our artists reside in the Tahoe basin, keeping it local and intimate. 

What is a marketing co-op?

Our co-op is designed to allow artists a place to learn, come together, to teach others, expand their knowledge set and include the  community. Our goal is to empower the local community to adapt to the ever changing economic climate in the face of changing tourism and community demands.

Members share in ownership:

A cooperative structure allows the members to have a vote in how the business is run to best meet their needs while allowing those members the ability to focus on their product, instead of worrying about business aspects like marketing, sales, shipping, etc.

How the co-op will meet our common needs:

  • Get higher price for products
  • Reach a broader market
  • Process and package goods to increase value and profits
  • Gain more control over way products are sold
  • Obtain mutual supplies, machinery and services

Now that you've learned a little about us, please fill out the following survey as thoroughly as possible so we can get an idea of who you are and how the coop can best serve you!



What changes would you like to see within your community?

Examples include less drug use, better social activities, more community events, etc.

For those tired of complacency; brave enough to forge their own path // Who never settle; are driven and adaptable // Who challenge personal and societal boundaries; following their fire // Who act with intention, and lift others up in the process //
This is for you.


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