Libra Full Moon: Social Revolution through Personal Relationships


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With the springtime Sun in Aries, the full Moon occurs in the opposing sign of Libra.  As the first sign of the zodiac which initiates our annual solar cycle, Aries is the sign of the self, the raw individual fueled by a primal, vital energy.  In the last month, several planets have traversed this region of the sky, and the Sun is strong in this placement.  Libra, is symbolized by the Scales and opposes autonomous Aries as the sign of diplomacy, harmony, and balance by mediation. While Aries is raw, Libra is concerned with the finer things in life--philosophy and aesthetics, music and the arts, and the pursuit of peace.  A fairly straightforward dynamic, the polarity of Self and Other highlighted this full moon is complicated by its proximity to a long-standing aspect configuration of the outer planets.

The outer planets are located much further from the Sun, and therefore require more time to complete their orbits.  Their distance relative to us means they travel quite slowly through the wheel of the zodiac--Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto take 85, 165, and 248 years to make a full cycle, respectively.  When outer planets move into position to create an aspect configuration with one another, the active influence can last for years. This full moon we are given a chance to reconcile how our personal life is being affected by our social environment.

Uranus-Pluto Square

Uranus and Pluto have been locked in a square of varying intensity since 2012, which will continue through 2018. Pluto, planet of power, authority, and control in the sign of Capricorn, sign of material wealth and status. Uranus is the planet of unpredictability, rebellion, and revolution in the fiery and headstrong sign of Aries.  Reflected in this planetary alignment, we have seen the waves of social protest crash against the hierarchies of power, which has become increasingly authoritarian in response.  This square aspect was seeded in the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in the 1960s, which we know initiated a new cycle of individuals uniting to rebel (Uranus) against systems of powers seen as restrictive (Pluto) to personal freedom (Uranus).

With the recent rush of transits through Aries, combative energies have been stimulated. In the square, the tension at times has seemed too much to bear, and yet, we know that it is a necessary process with necessary lessons embedded within it.  What more can the placement of the Moon tell us about the celestial situation?


Jupiter and the Cardinal T-Square

At the end of 2016, Jupiter moved deeper into Libra, opposing Uranus to create a T-square with Pluto.  Jupiter is what is called a social planet.  With larger orbits than the four rocky planets, but not quite so far as the outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn’s influences act as mediators between individuals to form the bond of what we call “society.” Additionally, these planets occupy the space between the transpersonal and the personal, the cosmic and the individual, allowing information to pass between the two realms.  

Although Jupiter’s entrance to the Uranus/Pluto party seemingly makes things more tense by pulling the aspect’s influence into another sector of the sky, we must remember his role as the Greater Benefic.  As Jupiter is expansive by nature, we may feel as though these issues have been magnified to even greater levels of discord.  Yet we can use this influence to work as a magnifying glass, allowing us to see to the hidden truths heart of the matter.  In Libra, Jupiter amplifies the message of the peacemaker, and in relationship with Uranus we are granted the inspired insights to trust that we can find our individual paths forward in the spirit of common relationship and communication.  All three planets are in Cardinal (leadership) signs, meaning we must take personal initiative to engage in this manner.


Full Moon in Libra - The Planets in Relationship

Full moons are always a time of heightened energy, and with the Sun conjunct electric Uranus and the Moon to expansive Jupiter, this one is sure to pack a punch.  Venus will be just days away from her turn direct, in mutual reception with Jupiter and in conjunction with Chiron, who represents the “wound.”  Given the emphasis on the outer planets, these are societal injuries to the collective consciousness that we are being asked to examine and heal.  By the light of the full moon, we are given a personal light in which to view how we participate in this evolution of humanity. Jupiter’s magnification is granting us a gift, the opportunity to take a closer look and commit to healing these wounds and forgiving our trespasses, if only we are strong enough not to turn away from the heartfelt pain Venus reveals in her visit with Chiron.  The pains of society echo in the heart of each individual, and it is within ourselves that we must first address how to heal the wounds of the world. 

Uranus in Aries requires that we take radical responsibility for ourselves and revolutionize how we address the age old conflict of the individual versus the institution.  While the power structure of Pluto in Capricorn has the advantage of material resources, Uranus in Aries shows that each individual is uniquely empowered by ingenuity and spontaneity.  Jupiter in opposition to Uranus provides a channel by which these individuals can unite their efforts to achieve the collective aim of social justice through building community and fostering personal relationships.  Saturn in aspect to both Jupiter and Venus (themselves in mutual reception) shows we must acknowledge our injuries and apologize our violations.  It is only with healthy boundaries that each individual is able to channel their highest expression with clarity and confidence.  Spring is upon us--now is the time to clean out all old emotional debris to make room for to trust in new possibilities!


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