High Vibe & Keep Tahoe Blue


Lake Tahoe's beaches get thrashed with trash after popular holiday weekends. We partnered with The League to Save Lake Tahoe to clean up Nevada Beach after the Labor Day festivities. Read on for the full details.

We arrived at 8 AM and before we were even finished setting up, there were swarms of people ready to participate in the clean-up. High Vibe provided cookies and lemonade for the volunteers as well as answered questions about who we are and what our organization is about. 


Additionally, Melissa Gisele & Arseface Paintings provided work to raffle off in a drawing amongst the volunteers. High Vibe donated stickers & our super soft ECO-fleece signature hoodie.




There were over 90 volunteers that picked up 195 pounds of trash from that one beach! We hope to make the Labor Day Clean-up a permanent fixture in our yearly events calendar. Cheers to all involved for making it a success!

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