The Woman Behind the Scenes


Erin Ulcickas

Founder/Managing Director/Experimental Artist Instagram erin_ulcickas

Erin has been practicing various forms of the arts since 2008 and had built herself a successful arts-based business in Wilmington, NC. She learned first hand how hard it can be to flourish with inadequate resources, lack of exposure to the local market, and a lack of mentorship. After moving to South Lake Tahoe in 2014, it became apparent to her that other people shared her same story and were growing frustrated working alone. Erin founded High Vibe Society in 2016 to fill an obvious need she saw in the Lake Tahoe community. 

At any given time, you can find her around the community putting together an event, chatting with one of our members, collaborating on a project, or sketching new designs up of our soon-to-be co-working space. 

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For those tired of complacency; brave enough to forge their own path // Who never settle; are driven and adaptable // Who challenge personal and societal boundaries; following their fire // Who act with intention, and lift others up in the process //
This is for you.


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