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Our logo is the epitome of our mission. Read on to find out what we mean...

 Our logo, called Awen, is a Welsh word for "(poetic) inspiration" but is also translated to "muse" or "genius."  Literally, aw means "a fluid, a flowing" and en holds meaning as "a living principle, a being, a spirit, essential." So Awen directly translates as "a fluid essence" or "flowing spirit."

In Neo-Druidism, the symbol stands not only for inspiration but the inspiration of truth. There are 3 foundations to Awen: the understanding of truth, the love of truth, and the maintaining of truth. We here at High Vibe Society not only aim to create a vibrant art community, but to also infuse that community with personal responsibility and an elevated consciousness. We challenge our members and our community to find and define their own unique truths and pursue them tirelessly. We want our community to be creative, loving, and altruistic. We aim for our larger community to reflect our shared ethics for how we treat ourselves, our Earth and each other.

The three rays of light emanating from the universe represent the harmony of opposites; with the two outer rays symbolizing male & female energy and the third showing the balance between them. It also represents the three domains of earth, sky, & sea; mind, body, & spirit. The balance between the domains creates an environment of success and productivity, both ideals which we aim to foster within our organization. 

Whether it be an idea, a community, or a tree; each needs the correct resources and support to nourish and facilitate growth. We are creating a space to do just that.


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For those tired of complacency; brave enough to forge their own path // Who never settle; are driven and adaptable // Who challenge personal and societal boundaries; following their fire // Who act with intention, and lift others up in the process //
This is for you.


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